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Recently I was invited to a Christmas Craft Exchange and Potluck. Thanks Kelly for being a great host. Everyone had to bring something they had made. Everything was amazing.

Here are some of the creations. 

These wine bottles were made by Brianna.

I wonder who drank all that wine. Don't worry, my lips are sealed! 

They are so pretty and sparkly. This picture doesn't do it justice. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about the photographer. I forgot my camera, so I am grateful for the pictures.

This is actually done with Epsom salts. Who would have guessed?


This Snowman window is made by Connie.

Not sure why she thinks she isn't crafty. She did a great job.

This is really nice!


Kathy decorated these Wooden blocks.

What a great idea.

You can buy the lettering to put on or use your Cricut to cut the letters out.


Here is more....

Another Kathy brought a sleigh that she painted and textured with a cute snowman family.

It just occurred to me, there were a lot of people with the same names at this Christmas craft exchange.  

Are people with certain names more inclined to creativity? Must be.


Kelly made this Jingle all the way shadow box.

I was lucky enough to get this. Yippee! Thanks Kelly. I love it. I can even grab it and shake it when I feel so inclined.


Tami created this mixed media canvas.

I bet this was hard to part with.   These are words to live by. "She turned her can'ts into cans and her dreams into plans."


These cute Felt Ornaments were made by Tammy.

They will sure be nice hanging on the Christmas tree. Unfortunately not MY Christmas tree! (Someone else got them!)


Kimberley crocheted some really pretty hats and a scarf.

Kim made a glass block with lights inside. What a pretty decoration!

I need to track down a picture of each of these projects to add to the craft showcase!

2nd Annual Christmas Craft Exchange

Kelly once again hosted a great event! Thanks! Hope we get to do this again next year!

Here in the craft showcase, are all the incredible homemade gifts that were at the party. I tried to do these alphabetically, by the name of the creator. Hope I got everyone and no one is out of order!

Brianna created this cute "all is calm all is bright" sign.

It really twinkles and sparkles when you plug it in!


Carol made this cozy infinity scarf, gloves and zebra pattern handbag. She did a really nice job making these.

Here is the recipient Cheryl, modeling these great gifts. They even match her outfit!


These homemade greeting cards are from Cheryl. One of a kind, beautiful designs, for various occasions. What a lot of work these must have been!

She also made a bottle of yummy looking salad oil.


Connie made this fantastic, glittery skate. I'm just not sure how to properly describe this. It was SO pretty! Too bad the picture doesn't capture the sparkle.  

It has a special stand, so the skate can sit anyplace you like.


Florence brought this cute little crocheted snowman and also a snowman in a mason jar. How Cute!

The mason jar has a tea light in the underside of the lid. What a great idea that is.


Kary Anne did a ton of baking to create a lot of Christmas treats. I'm not sure how she has time for all this.

Notice Connie has a tight hold on these, so they don't get snatched away!


Kathy made this adorable, quilted snowman picture. He looks like he could jump right off of there.

She also made up a clear Christmas ornament with a treat inside, for everyone at the party. Each ornament contained instructions with it. You add the contents of the Christmas ball to other ingredients. I got spices that are used to make a fiesta dip.

What a creative idea!


Kelly made this beautiful Christmas basket. It is filled to the brim with pinecones, berries and greenery. It even has a string of lights throughout!

Thanks! It got to come home with me! It looks so nice, sitting by my fireplace.

I was sorry to hear about the glue gun related injuries you received making this!


These special creations are from Kimberley, the nature lover. The Christmas ball is open in the front, with a little bird perched inside.

The jar is decorated with snow and greenery, with a bird in a nest. Along with this, was the poem "The legend of the Christmas nest."

What a lovely heartfelt gift!


Mandy made this pretty mason jar candle. It even has a real wick!

The other jar contains a secret homemade Kahlua recipe! Not sure if that one made it home unopened!


This fabulous picture, containing an inspirational quote, was made by Tammi.

She used inks to create this beautiful effect. These colors are amazing!

Tammi says she learned this in a class she was taking. She would like to give Serena Bridgeman the credit, for the idea.


I really wish I would have got a better picture of this!

This is a Christmas table runner that Tammy made. She is obviously a meticulous seamstress. Every seam was absolutely perfect.


Terri made this fleece blanket, with an interesting Tiki face pattern. Very nice!

Wouldn't this be cozy and warm, on those cold winter nights?  


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