Clothespin Crafts

Looking for ideas for making clothespin crafts? Here are instructions, with pictures, on how to make a doll chair.

Age: 12+

Difficulty rating: Medium

Time Scale: 3 out of 5

This will take less time if you choose to use a glue gun, rather than wood glue.


  • wood glue or glue gun
  • Wooden clothespins
  • Paint or stain


Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I think you may have to rely mostly on the pictures here. I must be more of a visual type learner, so I am having a hard time describing the steps to make this. If my babbling doesn't make sense, I hope at least the pictures do.

For any clothespin crafts, when referring to a clothespin, I will mean a clothespin half, after it has been taken apart. Remove the metal piece by twisting the clothespin. It should pop off quite easily.

If you are using wood glue, you may have to assemble the pieces in stages. The side pieces may have to dry before you stand them up and finish putting the chair together.

Using hot glue to make clothespin crafts, is faster and easier but may not be quite as durable as using a good wood glue.

Clothespin Crafts Tutorial

Start by making the bottom rocker piece. Glue two clothespins back to back. Attach the back side of a clothespin half way down this. Now do another one on the top side. Do two of these pieces.


My clothespins didn't have the one slot in the proper spot on the bottom rocker. Use a sharp knife to make the slot for the front leg.


The front leg, coming up from the rocker, is a clothespin glued together back to back. Do two of these, one for each side of the chair.


The one side of the back of the chair is two clothespins glued back to back and two more pieces glued to that.


Set the back and front pieces in the slots, putting them at a slight angle. The back piece, leaning back and the front, tilted forward a bit.

Glue in place.


Attach a clothespin for the arm so it sits up against the groove at the back and on top of the leg piece at the front.

Adjust the angle of your front and back pieces of the chair accordingly.


Glue a crosspiece on to the side, the level of where the seat should be. After getting one side done with the proper angles, do the other side. Measure and compare with the other one to get the angles the same. Make sure to do two opposite pieces, a left and a right hand side.


Now, stand the two sides up and glue a clothespin across the front and back, attaching the two rockers together. They should be just ahead of the clothespins that come down from the arms.


Glue three clothespins across and down the back of the chair.


Attach a fourth piece at the back, at the same level as the cross pieces on the sides. (seat height)


At the front, the cross piece is put on the back side of the arm pieces. This is also at the same height as the side and back pieces. The front of the seat will sit on this.


The seat will be five clothespins across, flat side up. Check spacing before gluing them in place.

The big groove in the clothespin should sit on the front cross piece. At the back, it will sit on the back cross piece.


Your clothespin crafts project can now be stained or painted with craft paint, in the color of your choice.

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