Clay Snowman

Make a clay snowman on a sled, with these instructions and pattern. What's more fun than a sleigh ride? This may not be Olaf, but I'm sure this guy can show him a thing or two about having fun!

Age: 12 and up

Time Scale: 3 out of 5

Difficulty: Medium



  • pasta machine
  • sculpting tools (needle tool, ball end tool)
  • small exacto knife
  • toaster oven
  • 6 x 6 tile
  • tin foil
  • Sculpey® bake and bond
  • E-6000 or crazy glue
  • toothpicks
  • skewer stick
  • wet wipes or rubbing alcohol and paper towel
  • Premo Sculpey® polymer clay:
    1 pkg White pearl
    1/2 pkg. black
    3/4 pkg. raw sienna
    1/2 pkg. rhino gray or light brown

            small bit of orange
            small amount of green

Clay Snowman Tutorial

For the sled:

Condition the raw sienna and rhino gray. Twist together and run through the pasta machine, on the thickest setting. Leave it with streaks of the lighter color through the darker color. It should resemble wood grain.


Fold the clay over, to double the thickness.

Place this on the 6 x 6 tile.

Cut out a retangle 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. Cut the corners and curve the one end, using an exacto knife. There is a pattern for the sled, if you need it.

Smooth seams together.


Use a needle tool, to make lines running lengthwise down the sled, about 1/4 inch apart. Draw other lines randomly in between these.
No need to get too fancy with this. Once the snowman is on there, this doesn't show much.

 Flip over, so the good side is down on the tile.


For the clay snowman body:

Condition 3/4's of a package of pearl white. Make a ball, a bit bigger than marble size. Roll a second ball, slightly bigger and then a third one, slightly bigger than that. You know, the typical building technique. Small, medium, large.


Break off pieces of toothpicks and use this and a dab of bake and bond to hook the balls together.

Flatten one side. Okay, so this isn't really typical snowball building technique. This guy will just be too roly poly, if you don't squish him down a bit on the underside. This is the side that will attach to the sled, because he will be lying on his tummy.


Shape the bottom, largest ball into a upside down "V" shape to make legs. Yes, this snowman has legs. He is one of the lucky ones!


For the boots. Use two 1/2 inch balls of black.

Shape each ball into a teardrop shape. Bend the small end up. Flatten the bottom. Add a line to the boot part where the bend is.


Attach the boot to the legs using a piece of toothpick and bake and bond.

Now, you will need to wipe the black residue off your hands, using a wet wipe or a paper towel and rubbing alcohol. (Unless, of course, you don't mind if you end up with a dirty looking clay snowman!)


For the arms:

Roll a 1/2 inch ball of pearl white clay into a snake about 2 inches long. Cut in half.

Narrow one end slightly on each piece.


Attach these to the top sides of the middle ball of the clay snowman. Add a slight bend and lines in each one, where the elbow joints would be.


The Mittens:

Use a pea size amount of green. Flatten one side. Form a thumb, using a needle tool. Make sure to make a right and a left mitten.


Adjust the hand position, so when the snowman is lying on the sled, the mittens will be near the edge. You will want him to look like he is hanging on. Don't actually attach him to the sled yet.

For the scarf:


Use a marble size piece of green sculpey and roll out to about 4 inches long. Flatten to about 1/8 inch thick. Trim sides to about 1/4 inch wide.
Cut small lines into each end to make a fringe.

Wrap this around where the first and second ball are joined. Start from the bottom and go up, around the neck. Cross the scarf over, near the top of the left shoulder.


The Hat:

Roll a 1/4 inch ball of black clay into a cylinder shape about 3/4 of an inch long. Flatten the top and the bottom.


Now use a pea size piece and roll into a snake. Wrap this around the bottom outside of the cylinder shape. Smooth ends together with a ball end tool.


Flatten, all the way around, to make the brim on the hat.

Attach to the top of the head, tilted slightly to one side.

Clean your hands again, before going from the black to a lighter color.



Use a tiny piece of orange clay for the nose.

Roll into a snake, that comes to a point at one end and is about 1/2 an inch long.

Flatten the wide end. Add lines here and there, to make it look more like a carrot.


Use bake and bond and attach the nose to the face of the snowman.

Poke holes on the face with the flat end of a skewer stick. Make one for each eye and 4-5 evenly spaced for the mouth.


Make tiny balls with black clay. Put a drop of bake and bond into each indentation.

Add the balls to the face to make the eyes and mouth.


Runners on the sled:

Run the left over brown clay through the pasta machine on the thickest setting. Fold the clay to double the thickness. (I actually didn't do this). One thickness, is really not sturdy enough. It really should be doubled.


Cut out the runners. (Refer to the pattern if necessary.) 

Attach to the underside of the sled, using bake and bond.

Leave this sitting face down, with the runners overhanging the edge of the tile.


Fold and crumple tin foil to help hold the runners upright. Make sure they are well supported, so they won't tip over while baking.

Bake according to instructions for the type of clay you are using. The clay snowman will need to be baked longer than the sled because he is thicker. You may want to bake separately to avoid burning the thinner pieces.

After the pieces have been baked and cooled, attach the snowman to the sled, using E-6000 or crazy glue. Let dry.

Now that this clay snowman is finished, he really does make it look like winter is actually fun!

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