Christmas Table Centerpiece

Making a Christmas table centerpiece, is an easy project. It requires a trip out to the yard, for most of the supplies. If you don't have suitable trees in your yard, try asking at a Christmas tree lot for their scrap pieces.

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • pine, spruce and cedar branches
  • dogwood or red willow branches
  • seed pods or dried flower heads
  • skewer sticks
  • hot glue gun and glue
  • gold or silver spray paint
  • tall candle
  • wired ribbon
  • shallow rectangle shaped dish or deep tin foil pie plate
  • green florist wet oasis block
  • pruners
  • sharp knife
  • gloves

Although not used for this project, you can also use pine cones, spray on snow, Christmas balls or decorated floral picks.

Christmas Table Centerpiece How To

Start with a trip out to the yard to gather your supplies. Use pruners to cut a variety of evergreen boughs. Spruce, pine and cedar work well. Also collect branches that are an interesting color, like red willow or dogwood. If you are a gardener, you may also have seed pods or flower heads, that will look nice. 

You will want to wear gloves, especially if you don't want to kiss your hand modeling career goodbye! The needles on the spruce trees are VERY pokey! I've done this without, and my hands now look twice my age. Just sayin! You have been warned.

Paint the seed pods and flower heads with gold or silver spray paint.

Let dry.

Cut a floral oasis block, so that it will fit into the container you have chosen, to hold the Christmas table centerpiece. This can either be a shallow rectangle shaped dish or a deep, foil pie plate. Set the container aside for now.


Cut some spruce branches, to about 16 inches long. Strip the needles off the bottom 4 inches. Cut the bottom of the branch at a bit of an angle.


Start poking the branches into the side of the oasis, just up from the bottom edge. Do each end with the longer branches. Use shorter pieces that are about 8 - 10 inches long, on the opposite sides.  Make the shape oblong. Work your way up and around, alternating the type of branches, but not in any particular pattern.


Add a tall candle to the very center, by poking it down into the foam oasis.

Use the cedar pieces, for the top of the oasis. If you are too heavy handed, or they are too close together, you will rip the oasis apart. This will make a crumbled mess.

The dogwood or red willow branches can be added horizontally, on each side.


Add the flower heads and seed pods that have been spray painted.

Make a bow with your wire ribbon. It's easier, if you have someone to help with this!


Break off a skewer stick to about 3 inches long and hot glue to the ribbon. Add this to the top of the Christmas table centerpiece, next to the candle, slightly off to one side.

Now, if this isn't glitzy enough for you, dress it up even more. Glue skewer sticks to decorations or pine cones and add those.

Remove the top hanger piece, from Christmas balls and glue a skewer stick up inside. Push the stick into the oasis.

Arrangements usually look better, with items that are in groups of 3's.

Set the oasis in a shallow container or tin pie plate. If you are using a pie plate, adjust and add more greenery, until the pie plate doesn't show anymore. Add water.

You can now have the nice Christmas tree smell in your house, even if you don't have a real tree.

Remember to add water daily, to keep this fresh, for quite some time.

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