Christmas Craft Projects

How to make awesome, Christmas craft projects to decorate your home, or give as gifts. Santa's, snowman crafts, ornaments and other Christmas ideas.

Want to make this Christmas egg decoration?


 This needlefelted ornament is a good starter project.


More Christmas Craft Projects


Make a beaded ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. This is quick and easy.


A Cardboard Craft for Christmas? Really? Yes!

You will be surprised how well this Supersized Gingerbread Garland turns out.


This Christmas craft idea was adapted to make it into an inexpensive, easy project.

No fancy tools required. Just grab your scissors!




Get ready for the holidays with this Christmas Door decoration.

It can be made with supplies collected from outdoors.


Make an easy and inexpensive Christmas table centerpiece, for the holidays.

Dress it up a little or a lot, to suit your own style.


These cinnamon dough ornaments are inexpensive to make because they use less cinnamon and no applesauce.

They are lighter in color, a smoother texture, and they still smell good.


Here is an easy clothespin reindeer to hang on the Christmas tree.

With this big red nose, it must be Rudolph!

Kids can make this too.


Making Gingerbread houses is a Christmas tradition here.

Check out my creations. There are pictures of a castle, train, windmill, and treehouse.

The best gingerbread recipe is also included, using honey instead of molasses.


Holiday Decor Ideas don't have to expensive.

You may have most of the supplies, right outside your own door. They are hiding, in plain sight.


Make a homemade Christmas decoration, inspired by Doreen Kassel.

Add your own, special touches to it to make it unique and one of a kind.


This homemade Christmas ornament is so easy, it is done in a flash! Do you have 60 seconds?

It's made with cinnamon sticks and a hot glue gun.


Who would think a snowman could be so warm and cuddly?

Find out how to make this hot water bottle cover.


Here is another needle felted snowman. This is a good beginner project. Finished, the snowman stands about 6 inches tall.


Hey, where's all the snow? Not quite looking like the frozen north, just yet but winter and Christmas are both on the way. 

This North Pole sign will make Santa feel right at home.

Build it using repurposed and recycled materials.


Ready to start a new Christmas tradition?

Make this Santa craft to begin your homemade Christmas ornament journey. 



Find lots of Santa Craft Ideas. Pictures and descriptions of one of a kind Christmas dolls.

Santa in something other than just the traditional red suit!


Painted Clothespin transforms into an Easy, Snowman Christmas Craft. 


Another snowman craft you might like to try, is this paper mache snowman.


Want more Snowman craft ideas?

Here is an easy project that uses polymer clay.


Make this cute little snowman ornament.

Use celluclay or paper mache. Instructions can be adapted, to make it any size you want.


I have made quite a few Christmas craft projects over the years. Many years ago the family decided that we should make homemade gifts for Christmas time, instead of buying gifts. Christmas was about giving, not spending, and since we didn't have a lot of money, that is where it all began.

I decided I would make a soft sculpture doll, from old pantyhose.

I made a rocking chair from clothespins, for the doll to sit in. It wasn't exactly a Christmas themed present, but it was homemade.

Want to make clothespin crafts? Make this doll chair.


I went to a home economics class that my niece was in, and showed a bunch of Grade seven kids how to make the soft sculpture doll. When the teacher asked me what name I would like to go by I told her just Lori. After that, all the students referred to me as just Lori.

At first I was so nervous, I was sure those kids were going to chew me up and spit me out. As it turned out, I had a really fun time, after I got over my nerves. They were having fun too, even the boys. Each of them had their own idea on how the doll should look and what clothes to make. One boy dressed his doll in blue jeans and a biker jacket. I learned that Grade seven class was a lot nicer place for me to be in, as an adult. Showing others how to make Christmas projects turned out to be not so bad after all.

Since then I have expanded quite a bit on the soft sculpture idea and have made a lot of different Santas. Many of these Christmas craft projects have been given away as gifts. Some are now made with only a soft sculpture body, and the face is made from sculpey or paper mache.

Santa is actually one of my favorite Christmas projects to do. It happens to be quite time consuming, but don't be discouraged, it is worth the effort. It is also one of the most rewarding, when it is completed.

Here are instructions for making Santa crafts.

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