Chick Crafts

There are lots of chick crafts out there but have you seen this one made with bread tags?

Age: 8 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



fine tipped black felt marker


1 yellow feather

2 small googly eyes

hot glue or fast drying tacky glue (dependant on age of crafter) Please judge accordingly

Breads tags:

1 dark orange

1 light orange &

3 yellow

Well, I hope you haven't seen this before because I thought I made it up. In the internet world there are a lot of Easter ideas hatching out there.

I try to come up with original ideas and not copy what other people are doing. Sometimes that is hard to do. I also like to use recycled materials and keep crafting costs down. So here it is! This little guy is made from bread tags. You know what he says? Cheap, cheap, cheap. I mean cheep.

Chick Crafts How To:

Glue a yellow tag, good side up, on top of a dark orange bread tag, both turned in the same direction. (clip, open part down.) Overlap the yellow tag not quite halfway down the orange one.

Outline the back (printed date stamped side) of a yellow bread tag with a black marker, making a circle shape. Cut this out.

Glue the good, unmarked side to another yellow tag, the opposite direction, covering the hole.

Cut around this so both are the same rounded shape. This is for the head.

Attach this over top of the body, open end down.

Check out the picture, if I'm not making any sense here.

Cut a small triangle shape out of a light orange tag for the beak. Glue this on to the head, so the hole in the tag is almost completely covered, except for a bit at the top.

Add two, small googly eyes where this bit of a space is above the beak. Remember, there is another tag behind this one so you aren't just gluing into empty space. 

Cut two pieces about 1.5 inches long off the end of a yellow feather. Glue to the back side of the body of the bread tag so they stick out to the sides.

Add some very small pieces of feather, to make a little tuft on the top of the head.


After one is completed and you see how easy that was, you may want to create a whole bunch of these chick crafts. Make each one just a bit different and they seem to have their very own personality.

Here's to a cheep Happy Easter!  

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