Cheap Halloween Props

How to make cheap Halloween Props that are creepy, easy and fun.

The dollar store plastic skull can be used to make multiple, eerie, glowing Crystal skulls.

Have you heard the legend of the Crystal Skulls? They are believed to have mystical powers.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time Scale: 2 out of 5



  • Clear packing tape
  • plastic wrap
  • Scissors
  • knife
  • Dollar store Plastic skull
  • tea light

How to Make Cheap Halloween Props


The most cost efficient way to make these Cheap Halloween Props is to start with a dollar store plastic skull. This will be the mold, which can then turn into multiples. You can use any skull but this one is the cheapest. It would be a bit easier to use one that is a bit heavier, so it doesn't have the tendency to dent but this one works okay.

Wrap the skull with plastic wrap so it is completely covered. Tuck it in at the bottom.

Now, start wrapping with clear packing tape. Push the tape in, so you keep the shape, especially in the eye sockets and nose. If you are using the dollar store skull, don't push too hard or you will dent the head in.

Wind the tape around and around, until you have about 4-5 layers. It should be starting to feel quite firm. When it seems to be holding the shape quite well, you have enough layers. The layers required may vary, depending on the type of packing tape you are using. Some tape is heavier and thicker than others.

Use a knife to cut a starter hole in the packing tape. Start at the bottom. Now use the scissors to make a cut all the way around, about half way back on the skull. Make sure to cut behind the jawline, across the top of the head and back to the bottom. Be careful not to damage the plastic skull underneath. What a disaster that would be when it costs a whole dollar!

Carefully pull apart and remove the plastic skull. Now tape back together, on the cut seam.


Cut a circular shape out of the bottom, just big enough for a tea light. Leave the tea light sticking out the bottom, so it can be easily switched on and off. Make sure the skull will sit properly, without tipping over.

Turn on the tea light when it gets dark and this will give off a spooky glow.


Just like that it's done. Now, don't you wanna make some more? These are not only inexpensive, you can whip them up in no time.

You can find more inexpensive decorations on the Halloween craft ideas page.

Read more about the legend and controversy of the crystal skull.

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