Chainsaw Sculptures

Incredible chainsaw sculptures are created at the championship chainsaw carving competition in Cheywynd, B.C. This little town is in Northern British Columbia, Canada. 2018 was the 14th year of this annual event. 


The town motto is " COMMUNITY CARVED BY SUCCESS". They say the competition is the second weekend in June. It actually begins the Thursday before the weekend.


This is a great, worthwhile, little side trip, if you are on your way to Alaska. It's just a bit of a detour, not too far out of the way.

From Dawson Creek, mile 0 of the Alaska highway, turn and head west on Highway 97, towards Chetwynd.

As you are coming into town, you will see the white tent tops, on the right hand side, up on the hill. This is next to the skate park in a grassy, fenced area.

Caution!! Don't go inside the fence. Someone will come and reprimand you for being in a dangerous area. There aren't any signs to say keep out, but I guess it is obvious, you shouldn't go wandering in there!! 

Guess who we saw on the street corner, sawing logs?... and no, I don't mean sleeping. Ryan Cook from HGTV's carver kings was busy creating some amazing chainsaw sculptures, before the competition even began.


If you go on the Wednesday, you can see the logs being set up, using loaders. The logs are cedar, 8 feet high and about 3 feet across.

The spot where the competition is held is easy to find. The biggest surprise? It's free!


It's best to go early and watch as things progress. It is amazing how this giant log can turn into an incredible sculpture, using a chainsaw.

Ryan-Cook-from-Carver-Kings-starts-his-carvingRyan Cook starting on his Poseidon carving
the-beginning-cuts-on-large-carvingTakao Hayashi beginning to carve out the Happy hippo and Rhino
creating-a-butterfly-using-sawCarving a butterfly with a chainsaw? The masters can do it!
horse-heads-being-carvedJason Stoner carving incredible details into the horses from Revelation

You can try, but this may be one of those wood craft projects, you can't do yourself. It requires a LOT of talent and years of practice.

My husband tried to make a chainsaw carving one time... I only wanted a snowman. How hard could it be?

Well, I won't mention what it really ended up looking like. Censored! Let's just say..... it had to go to the fire pit, before the neighbors started complaining! 

If you miss the competition, there are still lots of chainsaw sculptures to see. It's still worth the visit, JUST for that. There are over 150 carvings, throughout the town.

Stop by the visitor center on the west side of town. They are very   friendly and helpful. Ask for the map to help locate the carvings. Try to find them all. They are along both sides of the highway, down side streets, at the airport, the hospital, in the library and district office. There is a nice path along the highway. Walk, use a bicycle or drive around town.  

It's a fun treasure hunt, the whole family will enjoy. 

More Chainsaw Sculptures

tree-beard-carving-from-cedar2016 Tree Beard by Jordan Anderson
reaching-man2012 Searching by Simon O'rourke
tree-face2010 The Living Tree by Ken Sheen

And the Winners Are......


First Place


Jeff Samudosky from Washington

 Lady Gaga playing piano  


Second Place


Chad Danczyk from U.S.A. 


Third Place

"Strong Combination"

Takao Hayashi from Yamaguchi prefecture, Japan 


Peoples Choice Award 


Ryan Cook  Saw Valley Carving Inc., Vancouver, B.C.


Carvers Choice Award


Daniel Cordell from Devon, England 

The rest of the competitors also did fantastic Chainsaw sculptures. They deserve to be credited for their hard work and achievement! Here they are....


Roderick Brown From Terrace, B.C.


The Three Horsemen from Revelation

Jason Stoner from U.S.A.


Jason Emmons Ranchville, Indiana 

This was done in memory of his Dad.


Robby Best from Wandin, Australia 


Raimondas Uzdravis from Luthiania 


John Hayes  Waterford, Ireland


  Randy Gauthier Moberly Lake, B.C.

There is a quick carve in the afternoon on the last day of the competition. The competitors have one and a half hours to
carve something, using a log that is about  2.5 X 3 feet. (Much smaller than the logs from the main competition.) 


Some of the carvers actually did two sculpts! Immediately after the quick carve, these are auctioned off to the public.

Although they were all incredible, my favourite were the dog and the bear.


The owl and bear were done by Chad Danczyk. The bear sold for $1400.00.


The dog was done by Takao Hayashi from Japan. The dog fetched $950.00. (Ha, ha... Fetched)  


The highest priced item was one of the chainsaw sculptures done by Jason Cook. He was pleased as could be to receive $2,000 for this eagle.

If you ever have the chance, go to Chetwynd. The little town known as the "Community Carved By Success", definitely deserves a visit!

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