Bottle Holder

The crocheted water bottle holder, is easy and inexpensive to make. It is a convenient way to carry a container of water, while hiking. This one is made to hold the Contigo, insulated container.


It can be easily adapted to carry any type of bottle, even beer; if water isn't your beverage of choice. I wouldn't exactly suggest beer as your choice for hydration, while hiking though.

Age: Adult

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5


  • Heavy cotton crochet thread; Your choice of color
  • 3.00 mm crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Scissors

How to Crochet a Bottle Holder

The crocheted water bottle holder is a great beginner project. The stitches you will need to know are single crochet, half double crochet and double crochet. 


After a field test, I decided to change the pattern, to make the strap wider. The width was too narrow and a bit uncomfortable, after a few miles, with a full bottle. I'm sure a wider strap will rectify this problem.
The instructions for the strap you do, will be wider than the one pictured.


As you can probably see from the pictures, it isn't perfect, but it really doesn't matter. (I can't believe I'm saying that!)
See that stitch that is a little looser than the others? If this happens to you, just don't worry about it. As long as it isn't a huge difference, it isn't even going to show.

I'm writing most of the instructions out in long form, to make it easier to read. Reading a crochet pattern can be confusing, when you are just starting out. There is the occasional "dc" (double crochet) thrown in there, to ease you into abbreviated form.

Remember to slip stitch to join every round. Use a stitch marker,  if necessary,  to keep your place. It is easy to find the start of a double crochet row, because it sits up higher. The beginning of the row will be quite obvious. It's more difficult, on the single crochet rows.


Row 1: Do 10 double crochet in a magic circle 

Join with a slip stitch 

Pull to tighten the circle 

Row 2: Chain 3

Double crochet in bottom loop of chain.

2 double crochet in each dc around. (22 stitches, including chain 3)

Slip stitch together


Row 3 and 4: repeat row 2

Row 5: Chain 1, single crochet two together, repeat, all the way around

Slip stitch to join at end of round

Row 6 to 9: chain 3, double crochet around, slip stitch to join

Row 10: chain 3, dc 2 together (1 time)
DC around to beginning, slip stitch to join

Row 11: chain 3, dc around, join with slip stitch

Row 12: chain 3, dc 2 together (1 time), dc around, slip stitch to join

Row 13 and 14: chain 3, dc around, slip stitch

Row 15: chain 3, dc 2 together (once), dc around, join once again with a slip stitch

Row 16- 23: chain 3, dc around, join with slip stitch

For the strap: you can adjust the strap for length by adding or subtracting rows, if necessary.
Keep in mind this stretches out a bit.
A comfortable position seems to be so the bottle sits, just below the elbow, when the strap is over your shoulder.

Now here is where the pattern changes from how I did it ...

Row 24 of the crocheted water bottle holder: (first row of strap) Do 15 single crochet
Chain 1, turn

Row 25: 15 single crochet, chain 1, turn

Row 26: 15 single crochet, chain 2, turn

Row 27 to 133: 15 half double crochet, chain 2, turn

Row 134: 15 half double crochet, chain 1, turn

Row 135: 15 single crochet, chain 1, turn

Row: 136: 15 single crochet, chain 1, turn

Row 137:  15 single crochet, tie off. Cut thread and leave about a 10 inch tail.

You will now have one end of the strap, attached and one that is not.
Count the stitches around the top of the water bottle holder and divide to evenly space the strap, centered, on the opposite side.

Put the 10 inch tail of thread through a darning needle.
Sew the loose end of the strap (from the inside), onto the main part. Sew back over it, at least once more, so the strap is firmly attached.

Sew in the remainder of the thread. Trim off any excess.

Sew in the tail at the bottom, making sure the magic circle is still pulled tight.


Now, to make the strap so it isn't quite so stretchy, you will need to crochet around the outer edge. 

Position the outside of the strap to the left and the bottle holder to the right. Starting where the strap begins, attach the yarn. 

Do one chain.

Single crochet around entire edge and up the other side. 

Chain one, turn.

Continue with the single crochet.

Do three rows of single crochet on the one side of the strap.

Now do the same, on the outer edge of the other side of the strap.

Sew in the rest of the tails.

You're done!

This bottle holder is a convenient way to carry the Contigo insulated bottle. Reduce your plastic bottle usage and have water that stays cold for hours. 

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