Beaded Ornament

Instructions for making an easy snowflake shaped beaded ornament to hang on the Christmas tree. You could even hang it in the window as a pretty sun catcher.

Age: 10 and up

Difficulty: Easy

Time scale: 2 out of 5



  • tinsel Pipe cleaner
  • Heavy silver or gold colored thread
  • pliers
  • jewelry glue


14 clear snowflake shaped beads
Like these:



24 round blue beads

Like these:


One thing you shouldn't do if you haven't done a lot of beading is take the beads out of the bags. In my efforts to become organized I have caused a bit of an issue. Maybe someone that has done a lot of bead work would know what size a bead is, just by looking at it. I do not have this ability.

I don't have any idea what size my beads are because I took them all out of those little bags and put them in little plastic drawers. Well, what I should have done is mark the size on the front of the drawer using those fancy little labels that come with it. Next time I will do that before I throw the bags away! SO, I am hoping that a picture will be sufficient.

You can also use different types and colors of beads to come up with your own design.

One pipe cleaner is long enough to make one beaded ornament.

Start by adding two round blue beads to the pipe cleaner and pushing them all the way to the end.

Use the pliers to make a small bend in the pipe cleaner to keep the beads from falling off.

After putting the two round beads on, add two snowflake shaped beads.


Now add two round beads and then a space the width of a bead and then two more blue beads. The center of the snowflake beaded ornament will be where this space is.


Add on two more snowflake shaped beads and then two more round beads.

Cut the pipe cleaner with a little extra length (an 1/8th inch or so) at the end of this bead. (if you need to adjust the length later you will be able to) Bend the end.

Make two of these. Do a third one the same way except make a space the width of two beads in the center (where there are four round beads together).


Crisscross the two pieces with the one bead space at center. Put the piece with the wider space on top. From the center, twist it once around the other pieces.


The beads should all be sitting evenly spaced. If they aren't, you need to either loosen or tighten the beads by moving them up or down along the pipe cleaners until they fit properly.


Put jewelry glue in the center and add a snowflake bead to each side.

Cut off any excess pipe cleaner there is on the ends and add a dab of glue to hold the beads in place.


Cut a piece of heavy silver or gold colored thread to about 8 inches long. Tie ends together to form a loop. Wrap around one of the top beads and tie. 


Here is another version using different shapes and colors.

Done already! When the glue has dried you can hang your beaded ornament on the Christmas tree!

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