Bead Projects

Kids can do their own bead projects using very few craft supplies. Make a necklace or bracelet with these instructions. This is a fun and easy rainy day activity.

Age: 8+

Rating: Easy

Time scale: 3 out of 5



  • white glue or glue stick
  • scraps of wrapping paper, magazine pages, or white paper
  • Crayons or permanent markers, if you want to color your own paper.
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen
  • skewer stick
  • string or jewelry cord
  • Water based paint on sealer
  • small paint brush

The shape you cut your paper will make different shaped beads. Small children will probably find using a glue stick, instead of white glue, much easier.

Start by marking out half inch spacing on an 11 inch long by 8.5 inch wide piece of paper. Mark along the 8.5 inch width. You can use scraps of wrapping paper, pages from a magazine, or plain white paper and color it with pencil crayons or permanent markers. If you use magazine pages, they will already be the correct size to start with.

Draw lines on your paper from at the half inch mark, up at an angle to the second mark over, on the opposite end of the page.


Now, from the other side, draw a line up the other direction making triangle shapes. Continue back and forth, across the paper until your triangle shapes are all marked. Cut these out. They should be wide on one end and come to a point on the other end. This will give your bead more shape, going from bigger in the center and tapering down on each side.


Start at the wide end of the paper, and start rolling it up, around the skewer stick. After the first turn, put a small amount of glue on it, to hold it in place. Make sure you don't glue the skewer stick. Now keep rolling, and when you get to the end, glue this. Hold your bead for a couple of seconds, until the glue starts to dry a bit. Carefully slip it off the skewer stick. If it starts to come apart let it dry more.


To make a different shaped bead, try cutting your paper in a rectangle shape about one half inch wide and 11 inches long. Try experimenting with these bead projects. Make different sizes of triangles and rectangles and see what you can come up with. The thicker the paper, the bigger around the bead will be.

If you color a plain white paper, you only need to do the edges. Only the color on the edges, and the very end will show, once the paper is rolled up. Try using pencil crayons or felt pens to add color.

Slide the beads on to skewer sticks and stick them into a scrap of styrofoam. When they are dry, apply at least three coats of the water based sealer. Let dry between each coat.

When the sealer is completely dry, remove from skewer sticks and run a string through the center hole in the beads to make a necklace or bracelet. Use the skewer stick to push the string through the bead, if necessary.

Tie the string together, making sure it is long enough that it will still slip over your head for a necklace, and over your wrist for a bracelet.

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