Arizona Flea Market

This giant Arizona flea market in Quartzsite, is a great place to shop for supplies, for your upcycle craft projects. It is more than just a place to buy rocks.

Quartzsite is located 214 miles south east of Las Vegas. If you are a junk lover, you will love it here. There is everything here but the fleas!


Like rust? There is a whole big giant area with lots of rusty old antiques. Looking for a milk can? How about a few dozen?


Button, button, who's got the button? Quartzsite has buttons. Lots of them! Need buttons? This Arizona flea market is the place to go.


Antique wagon wheels look great in the garden. Get them here.


Vintage Glass rolling pins in a variety of colors.


Lots of glassware. These would make colorful glass totems. Pretty, but I would just end up breaking them! Too fragile for me.


Fish hooks. They would have come in handy when I made that "Gone Fishing" sign.


Burlap bags galore! They were from Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua. Take your pick. Burlap projects are becoming really popular and these are way cheaper than buying burlap from the fabric store. They are also way more interesting, with the stamped logos on them.


Have you ever seen so many coca cola cases? There is no shortage here.  Imagine all the craft projects you could make with these.


This is what Quartzsite is best known for... ROCKS. There must have been a zillion of them. Big ones, little ones, shiny, polished, colorful, pretty rocks.


There are unique items, that maybe you have never seen before. This little antique, pedal fire truck, is so cute. I wanted to jump in and take it for a spin.


If you think you have lost your marbles, I know where you can find them. Hopefully, you can figure out which ones belong to you. There are a LOT to choose from!


If your hubby gets sick of all that shopping, you can drop him off at Beer Belly's Adult daycare. They will take good care of him there.


"NO MORE SHOPPING! I've seen enough rocks already!"

We have toured around to quite a few Arizona flea markets but the one in Quartzsite, is the largest we have seen. The town population explodes during the winter months, especially during the Tyson Wells Rock and Gem show in January. Jewelry makers and rock collectors come from around the world to buy and sell their wares. They also have an Arts and Crafts fair towards the end of January.

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