Anniversary Party Ideas

I recently was asked to come up with some Anniversary Party Ideas for a 60th celebration. It was an Honor to be asked to do this but I was worried about what I should make.  I’m into budget decorating and I wasn't  so sure I could come with something acceptable, especially for such an important occasion. There isn't really much available in the store, since there isn't much of a market. This is a pretty rare milestone, especially nowadays.


Well, surprise, I actually thought up some stuff. These ideas can be adapted for any anniversary or even a wedding. They are budget friendly, easy to make projects.


Make a burlap banner that no one has seen before.  The diamond is the symbol for 60 anniversary years. This can be changed or removed for other years.

This heart garland is a free craft project made with recycled and repurposed materials.

It is one of those Anniversary Party Ideas that works well for a country theme.

It also makes a nice Valentines Day decoration.


An Extra large burlap heart makes a photo frame craft, like no other!

It's supersized for a large picture but it can also be scaled down, if you like.  


Glitter branch with 60 diamonds. Fake diamonds. Well, you could put real ones, if you want.  If you could do that you probably wouldn't be looking on my website for Anniversary party ideas, would you?

Real diamonds? Wouldn't that be glamorous? Even fake ones look pretty good, dangling from the branches.


There isn't much available for a 60th. No cupcake picks could be found anywhere. What to do? Make them.

The diamond shape was made with holographic paper.


This large holographic diamond shape can be attached to a banner.


Display certificates. When you are married for a long time you get recognition for it, from important people.

You can apply to have congratulatory messages sent from the pope, the Queen, M.L.A. and the Prime Minister.


Pallet Art...

Family.. All because Two People Fell in Love.

Display your photos on this board made from recycled pallets.


Looking for a heartfelt gift for the Anniversary Couple?

This wood slice sign is inexpensive to make, yet a sentimental gift they will always treasure.

The symbols that represent the years of marriage are as follows:


1:  Paper

2:  Cotton

3:  Leather

4:  Flowers

5:  Wood

6:  Candy

7:  Copper

8:  Bronze

9:  Pottery

10: Tin

11: Steel

12: Silk

13: Lace

14: Ivory

15: Crystal

20: China

25: Silver

30: Pearl

35: Coral

40: Ruby

45: Sapphire

50: Gold

55: Emerald

60: Diamond

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