Animal Fridge Magnets

Make these animal fridge magnets with bread tags! Six different critters to choose from. Instructions for all of them.

Age: 10

Difficulty: Easy - Medium

Time scale: 1 - 2

Animal Fridge Magnets


  • Colored bread tags, different sizes if possible

Green for dragon

Lt. Brown for bear
(for the nose use either a black tiny half dome shaped bead, a tiny plastic bear nose or a piece of the bread tag)

yellow or white for giraffe

White for zebra

  • tiny googly eyes
  • black and yellow embroidery thread
  • scissors
  • colored felt pens
  • pencil
  • hot glue or fast drying tacky glue
  • recycled magnet from advertisement

Don't worry if you don't have the right color bread tags. Since not everyone has a giant collection in various colors, they can be colored the appropriate color, using felt pens.

Here are 4 different versions of these bread tag crafts. There are also links at the bottom of the page for two other projects. Some still retain most of the basic shape of the bread tag, while others require more cutting.

The ones that require a bit more trimming, will of course be a bit more difficult.

The teddy bear will use three brown tags. The first one will only have the small bump on one side cut off.

Use a pencil to draw the body shape.  Cut off the corners, on the top. (refer to the picture)

Now draw the head on the last one, adding ears to the top curved corners, on the top. Round off the bottom corners on the clip end. Cut this shape out.

Glue the body, halfway overlapping the one full bread tag and then the head overlapping, halfway down the body. You can either use hot glue, or a fast drying tacky glue, depending on the age of the child doing the project.

Add the goggly eyes.

Glue the nose into the space between the clip on the head. Either use a black bead, or a tiny plastic bear nose. If you don't have either of those, cut a small piece of plastic that is left over from one of the bread tags and color it black with a felt pen.

Use a brown felt to color a half moon shape into the inside of the ears.


More Animal Fridge Magnets

Here is the dragon. He is one of the easiest ones. Not much cutting to do with this one.

Use two green bread clips. Cut the one part of the clip part off. Turn this sideways and glue the cut part to the one top corner of another one.


Add a googly eye and draw on a mouth with a black felt.

Okay, so he doesn't have a long tail. I resisted the temptation to make this more complicated. I always seem to make things more complicated. Story of my life!

If you want your dragon to have a long tail, you can probably figure out how to do that. Mine lost his tail in a battle with another dragon. Maybe dragons are kind of like lizards. When something pulls on their tail, they will drop it, so they can escape!

There are still more animal fridge magnets. I was on a roll. This is going to get harder though.

The giraffe!

Start with a long bread tag. If you don't have a long bread tag you can still do this but it will be a lot smaller. It will be harder to get enough length for the legs and the neck.

Draw the outline on the tag with a pencil. The long tag will be his legs and part of his neck.

Now use a smaller tag for the rest of his neck and his head. I had to use white ones and then color them yellow.

To connect the body and the head sections together, use a skinny piece of plastic glued to the backside of each of the neck pieces. This will make the pieces join up at the same height. Make sure it isn't any wider than the neck.

Add the spots and an eye with a brown felt pen.

Use some yellow embroidery thread for the tail.


This zebra is the hardest of all the animal fridge magnets because it is so small.

Use two white clips. Trace out the shape and then trim the bottom piece, for the legs and body.

The other tag is for the head and has a lot cut away. It is glued on sideways.

Make sure the lines between the body and the neck, line up and will go together, without any gaps.

Use a piece on the back to hook the pieces together, the same way you did with the giraffe.

Make the lines on the zebra with a black felt pen.

Add a dot for the eye.

Add a tail and mane with black embroidery thread.


Now use one of those advertisement magnets to cut up and add to the back of your animal fridge magnets. SHHH.. don't tell Mr. ** that I cut up his advertisement! It's better than throwing it in the garbage, isn't it?

Want more? I know I said there were six projects. There are! There are also instructions for a rabbit and a chick.

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