Christi Friesen

The 2800 km journey to Tucson to attend the polymer clay classes with Christi Friesen, have been well worth it! This lady travels the world to share her unique talent and she is a BIG DEAL!!


We arrived early at the Doubletree hotel Feb. 1st where the To Bead True Blue show was being held. This is a HUGE event. I wanted to sign up for some of the classes with Christi Friesen before they were all filled up. There were other make and takes being offered, but this was what I was here for. My main reason for coming to Tucson was for this. I really wanted to do it, but then I started worrying about being all by myself, around a bunch of strangers. This is not my favorite environment and maybe the classes would stress me out.

My husband and I found the correct booth right away, and Christi's amazing helper, Lisa got everything all set up. Christi then showed up and even though she was terribly busy, she took the time to speak with us. I was very impressed by this. I DON'T impress easily!

She really is as nice in person, as she seems to be from reading her books and seeing what she has on the web. She is exactly how I thought she would be! She is nice, funny, and that special kind of crazy, that has made her my favorite polymer clay artist. 


Her classes are very reasonably priced and jam packed full of info. Fast paced but with a do what ya like attitude, that makes it very relaxed and just plain fun. She makes it look so easy and just has a great time with it.

All the materials were supplied, nothing to bring but yourself. If you don't have time to get things baked during class, you can come back later and everything is all done and ready to go.

The first class I did was the pods class. I tend to be quite apprehensive, fiddle too much, take too long and worry about how things turn out. This was a great class to just make things and put aside all that fretting.


Next was the FREE heart class. All supplies were included. How generous is that!? Hubby even did this one, with some persuading. At first he said he wasn't doing that, it was for girls. He says now, he is proof that anyone can do this.


After 35 years, I have discovered he is a glitter and mica powder kinda guy. He says that stuff is turd polishing powder.(I always thought it was more like eye makeup). You can make a turd and put some of that on, to make it look good. Hmmm... is this what he thinks, every time I put a little makeup on? Who says you can't polish a turd? Actually, he did a fine job with his creations and this was his first try!


In the Steampunk tricks class, we made a turtle. There were a variety of gears, wire, beads and odds and ends available to use. This was great fun and so easy. Everyone had a turtle that was different.

I have quite a few books written by Christi Friesen. They all reflect her fun personality. The one called Steampunkery, is my favorite. It not only has a lot of projects, it is also written in the most delightful way. You aren't bogged down, reading a bunch of boring instructions.

The last event I attended was called PARTY NIGHT. There were a number of artists set up at different stations. You picked a table, sat down and received instructions, to make a project. All the materials were included. I was unable to get to all the projects. I did get to make a pair of earrings, some polymer clay hearts, a cute little glow in the dark pirate ghoulie, and various beads. The little glow in the dark critter is my favorite. There is a similar idea in the Steampunkery book.

I had a great time attending the Tucson Bead show. The best part was doing the polymer clay classes with Christi Friesen. If you ever have a chance, don't miss the opportunity to attend her classes. Even if you have never worked with polymer clay before, she will have you making wonderful creations, in no time at all.

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