Polymer Clay Projects

Create polymer clay projects like a teddy bear, a dragonfly or italian charm bracelet beads.

Polymer clay is made with polyvinyl chloride, and a plasticizer. Pigment is added for color. It is hardened by baking in the oven. It is a man made product that doesn't actually have real clay in it.

If you are having trouble smoothing out lines or removing fingerprints from the clay, you can use a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab. Use this sparingly though!

After baking, it can be sanded, drilled or carved. I have read that it can be polished by rubbing on a pair of jeans. I'm not sure what kind of jeans because I tried this and it didn't work. Maybe I should have tried Levis?

It may have worked, if I had put more time and effort into it, but I grew impatient. The jeans also may have been too worn out and soft. I don't really know. It is just easier, I think, to use a sealer or jewelry glaze on the polymer clay projects, if you want a polished look. If there are some rough spots, sand first, in water, with wet/dry sandpaper.

There are different types of clay that you can use. I prefer sculpey®. This is from the Polyform Products Company. The Premo sculpey® is quite soft, right out of the package, so it is easy to condition. The clay must be conditioned when you remove it from the package to soften it and make it more pliable.

Don't place the clay on anything that will later come in contact with food. Any items used for your clay should only be for that and nothing else. (example, sculpting tools, clay/pasta machine, baking sheet, etc.)

Follow the manufacturers instructions when it comes to baking times and be careful not to over cook. If it is over baked, it smells AWFUL.

Polymer Clay Projects Tutorials:

How to make beads using polymer clay.

Make a bracelet or a necklace.

how to make beads for a bracelet photo IMG_7686_zps07d3c9d4.jpg

Here is a mixed media project.

This chick craft uses real feathers to make this guy look extra cuddly!

Spring is here!

This clay heart can be made for a valentine or anniversary gift.

It's a fridge magnet that you can add a picture to.

 photo IMG_8184_zps74087cb8.jpg

Do you have leftover scraps from your other polymer clay projects, that you don't know what to do with?

This mosaic clay jar is a good way to use up those extra pieces.

Turn any plain jar into a decorative flower vase.


Try this Dragonfly Craft.

Experiment with different techniques to create the pattern on the wings.


Like silly rabbits? Why not try this easter bunny craft?

easter bunny craft photo IMG_7621_zps8aeb464f.jpg

Make this easy fairy door for on the side of a tree trunk. 

You could even use it for a hobbit or a mouse house.

fairy door photo IMG_7653_zps454886fe.jpg

Instructions to make this hoppy little frog craft using polymer clay. This little guy has decided to sit down on a rock and relax.


Create this handmade bracelet. This is a one of a kind piece of wearable art.

handmade bracelet photo rose014_zpsbaea4a69.jpg

Check out this little polymer clay angel.

polymer clay angel photo IMG_7717_zps8f78c8e3.jpg

This Polymer Clay Flower is easy to make.

Unlike a real rose, this one will last forever.

Make it for Mother's Day.

polymer clay flower photo rose012_zpse2613dff.jpg

These polymer clay ideas will help you create this necklace pendant.

Learning about different texturing techniques is the easiest way to make a totally unique piece.

Make polymer clay jewelry like these beads, to go on your Italian charm bracelet.


Create an easy, one of a kind polymer clay pendant with Sculpey.

This resembles polished turquoise.

It is wrapped with copper wire and requires no glue.


Does this look like a pile of junk to you? Surprise, it's not!

Check this out and see how all these household items can be used as Polymer Clay tools.  

from the junk drawer photo texturesinpolymerclay001_zps2a961441.jpg

Want to make this Sculpey Teddy Bear? It uses a small amount of clay and is easy to do.


This polymer clay project seahorse craft  is made over a tin foil base.

Use these instructions and refer to the template. You can then add your own special touch.

seahorse photo polymer121_zps5181baee.jpg

Here are snowman craft ideas using sculpey® original.

This is an easy project for kids to do but fun for adults too.

Polymer clay snowmen photo IMG_7977_zps4766a1fc.jpg

Make this starfish craft and leave the real ones in the ocean where they belong!

This can be made into a broach or used to decorate a beach themed sign.

starfish craft photo IMG_7795_zps9fa9a947.jpg


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