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May 28, 2017

Paper Mache Carrots

How to make easy paper mache carrots

Continue reading "Paper Mache Carrots"

May 21, 2017

Miniature Lettuce Tissue Paper Craft

How to make an Easy tissue paper craft

Continue reading "Miniature Lettuce Tissue Paper Craft"

May 21, 2017

Miniature Tutorials

Easy miniature tutorials to make something delightful

Continue reading "Miniature Tutorials"

May 17, 2017

Paper Mache Watermelon

How to make a paper mache watermelon

Continue reading "Paper Mache Watermelon"

May 16, 2017

Museum of Miniatures

This Amazing museum of miniatures is full of inspiration

Continue reading "Museum of Miniatures"

May 07, 2017

Make a Fairy House

Kids love this how to make a fairy house tutorial.

Continue reading "Make a Fairy House"

May 07, 2017

Polymer Clay Projects

Easy polymer clay projects you can actually make

Continue reading "Polymer Clay Projects "

May 05, 2017

Craft Tips

Innovative Craft Tips and advice from an authentic crafter.

Continue reading "Craft Tips"

Apr 14, 2017

Paper Mache Projects

Learn how to Paper Mache. If you think strips of newspaper over a balloon is what it is all about, it is time to discover the real art.

Continue reading "Paper Mache Projects"

Apr 14, 2017

Paper Mache Bowl

Make an easy, paper mache bowl that is functional and beautiful.

Continue reading "Paper Mache Bowl"

Mar 22, 2017

Key Chain Holder

Make a key chain holder from pallets and never lose your keys again!

Continue reading "Key Chain Holder"

Feb 08, 2017

Photo Mat

This photo mat how to makes cardboard look amazing.

Continue reading "Photo Mat"

Dec 09, 2016

DIY Photo Frame

How to DIY photo frame, with results that delight

Continue reading "DIY Photo Frame"

Nov 28, 2016

Vintage Teddy Bears

Love the Odd, Vintage Teddy Bears of the world?

Continue reading "Vintage Teddy Bears"

Nov 23, 2016

Recycled Crafts

Frugal can be fun when you make recycled crafts!

Continue reading "Recycled Crafts"

Nov 06, 2016

Wood Slice Sign

How to make an easy Wood Slice sign

Continue reading "Wood Slice Sign"

Oct 28, 2016

Halloween Craft Ideas

Halloween craft ideas for making homemade Halloween decorations ranging from small easy crafts to extra large over the top projects on a budget.

Continue reading "Halloween Craft Ideas"

Oct 28, 2016

Puppy Costume

Easy Puppy costume when you have no time for tricks.

Continue reading "Puppy Costume"

Oct 14, 2016

Paper Mache Skull

This paper mache skull for Halloween, holds jello shots in large syringes.

Continue reading "Paper Mache Skull"

Oct 06, 2016

Printable Templates

Free printable templates for making various craft projects or to use as coloring pages.

Continue reading "Printable Templates"

Sep 29, 2016

Sewing Patches

sewing patches using a variety of techniques to fix your tired pants

Continue reading "Sewing Patches"

Sep 22, 2016

Craft Wrecks

Have you ever done any projects that have turned into craft wrecks? What went wrong, and how to fix it.

Continue reading "Craft Wrecks"

Sep 20, 2016

Egyptian theme

The egyptian theme with the giant pyramid was an all time favorite in the neighborhood.

Continue reading "Egyptian theme"

Sep 11, 2016

Paper Mache How To

In this paper mache how to I will show you how to make a scorpion.

Continue reading "Paper Mache How To"

Sep 06, 2016

Textures in Nature

Observe and photograph textures in nature for arts and crafts inspiration.

Continue reading "Textures in Nature"

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