Egg Decoration

Here are instructions for making a Christmas Egg Decoration. Who says egg decorating is only for Easter?

Age: Adult

Rating: Medium

Time scale: 3 out of 5


  • parafin wax
  • double boiler pot
  • tiny pine cones, mini snowman or reindeer
  • craft goop glue
  • glitter
  • ribbon or snow tex
  • tissue paper
  • felt pen

Start by poking a small hole in the top of a raw egg. Now poke a hole in the side of the egg. With a felt pen, draw an oval opening into the front of the egg. With small scissors, cut open, around the oval. Your first try might not work out, but having small scissors that are sharp and a gentle touch helps. Drain and wash the egg shell. Let it air dry.

Put a loop of heavy fishing line or thin ribbon through the hole in the top of the egg and tie a knot on the inside.

Melt wax in a double boiler. Pour small amount in egg, and start tipping the egg around to get the wax all on the inside. When cooled, add more, continuing until the inside of the egg is coated with about an 1/8 inch layer of wax. Make the wax a bit thicker on the inside bottom.

Make sure there isn't any wax coating the outside of the egg. When cooled, decoupage 3 layers of tissue paper on to the outside of the egg.

For the inside, you can glue in tiny decorations of your choice. I used a mini snowman and Christmas tree. Instead you could tie a ribbon in a small bow and glue it and some tiny pine cones inside.

Take narrow ribbon and glue to the front edge, around the oval opening of the shell. Instead of using ribbon, you can choose to use snow tex and pull it down at the top to make it look like icicles hanging.

Sprinkle the Christmas egg decoration lightly with glitter. For a variation you can glitter the outside of the egg instead of using tissue paper on it.

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