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Do you want to make craft projects that are inexpensive, fun and easy? Stay a while and have a look around, I'm sure you will find something just for you.

Here you will find free instructions on creating items for decorating your home and also homemade gift ideas. Make something special that will become a treasured family keepsake.


Christmas Crafts Projects


Easter Craft Ideas


Crafts for Mothers Day


Needle Felting


Polymer Clay Projects


Twig Furniture


Valentines Day


Easy Crafts for Kids


Halloween Craft Ideas


Nature Crafts


Paper Mache Improved


Recycled Crafts


Therapeutic Art


Wood Craft Projects

Find ideas, even if you are just starting out and also if you are a more experienced crafter. There are ratings on each craft for difficulty and also how time consuming it will be. This is to help with choosing the best project for you. Number one will be the least amount of time to number five which will be the most time consuming. Not much time and just starting out? Choose an Easy rating and number one on the time scale. If you are going for something more challenging and have the time to put into it, then you could choose something that is more difficult and a number five for time.

It's easy to make craft projects that interest you, by following the tutorials provided. Click on a category and it will take you to a list, in alphabetical order with the various projects. One more click and you will go to the page with instructions for what you have chosen. There are also pictures, to help make the instructions easier to follow. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words! Who wants to read a thousand words, anyways?

There are inexpensive diy crafts to make even if you don’t have much for supplies, using materials commonly found in your home. This will include recycled crafts. It is amazing what you can make using recycled materials like cardboard and newspaper.

I have ideas on various craft techniques and also how you can substitute and use alternative supplies, if you don't have something available.

Not all crafts are created equal. Here you will also find the Craft Wrecks. Those crafting attempts that didn't turn out quite right and tips for what went wrong and how to do better next time.

I hope you enjoy these craft projects. Now it is time to discover that unique technique that is waiting just for you. Have fun exploring.

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Make Craft Projects Blog
Use this blog to find the most recent craft projects and see new or updated pages. The Make Craft Projects Blog keeps you updated with site news, postings, and newly added content.
Anniversary Party Ideas
Make your own decorations with these Anniversary party ideas.
Craft Showcase
Come visit the Craft Showcase page and post your creations or just come see what others have made.
Christmas Craft Projects
Instructions for making special Christmas craft projects to decorate your home or give as gifts.
Easy Crafts for Kids
If you are looking for free easy crafts for kids you are in the right place. NEVER hear the B word again. Say NO to bored.
Craft Tips
Craft tips, updated monthly, that are just a click away. Good crafting advice you just can't do without.
Craft Wrecks
Have you ever done any projects that have turned into craft wrecks? What went wrong, and how to fix it.
DIY Crafts
diy crafts is a collection of tips and techniques to help you make your own homemade crafts.
Easter Craft Ideas
Easter Craft Ideas with free instructions for each project. Limited craft supplies required.
Easy Crochet Patterns
Easy crochet patterns just for beginners. Let's get hooking!
How to Make a Pillow
How to make a pillow, even if you can't sew.
Halloween Craft Ideas
Halloween craft ideas for making homemade Halloween decorations ranging from small easy crafts to extra large over the top projects on a budget.
Crafts for Mothers Day
Make crafts for Mothers Day that Mom will love! It is always more special when a gift is handmade and from the heart.
Nature Crafts
Create nature crafts using materials collected from outdoors. Use seed pods, branches, pinecones and seashells.
Needle felting
Learn how to do needle felting with these easy how to instructions
Pallet Projects
See these pallet projects that come with instructions.
Paper Mache Projects
Learn how to Paper Mache. If you think strips of newspaper over a balloon is what it is all about, it is time to discover the real art.
Polymer Clay Projects
Create polymer clay projects like a teddy bear, a dragonfly or italian charm bracelet beads.
Recycled Crafts
Repurpose materials with these ideas for recycled crafts. Check out how to use items you will find in your recycle bin.
Snowman Crafts
Nothing says winter like snowman crafts. Build them inside, out of the cold.
Printable Templates
Free printable templates for making various craft projects or to use as coloring pages.
Therapeutic Art
Ideas on therapeutic art, to use creativity for the purpose of learning, coping, and self-expression.
Twig Furniture
There is an easy way to build twig furniture. Find out how.
Valentine Craft Ideas
Here are Valentine craft ideas that are inexpensive to make but special to receive.
Wood Craft Projects
Make wood craft projects using tree branches. Trim your trees and make a garden gate or a chair.
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